Hunter Valley Incentive for up to 300 people

Complete Hunter Experience

Group Activities: 10-300 guests
Days of Operation:  7 days
Duration: 5-6 hours

$215 per person


On arrival guests enjoy morning tea on the lawns of Hunter Valley Resort or Terrace. Guests receive welcome and briefing on activities. Guests are then divided into smaller groups which rotate activities on a half hourly basis, including:


Walking tour of Vineyard

During this stroll through the vineyard guests learn about the history of winemaking in Australia and around the world, learn of different grape varietals and soil conditions and see how and why a grapevine actually grows.


Barrel Rolling

Team activity rolling the barrels – the first team to finish wins the prize! Absorb the magical views and fresh country air of Hunter valley Wine country. Great photo opportunity.


Wine Theatre

Watching how the wine press actually works, the Winemaker adding the yeast, seeing the juice start to ferment into alcohol, learn the art of wine blending, and finally the wine being bottled.


Beer tasting

This is a practical look at beer including different styles different techniques and what to look for in terms of palate, bouquet and colour. Guests will sample our own Alcoholic Ginger Beer from our onsite brewery.


Grape Stomp

With their knowledge of wines growing by the minute, there is but one final experience required to totally cap-off the winemaking experience. Squelch! This is about the best word to express the feeling of grapes between bare toes as guests jump into the oak barrel to experience the age-old tradition of pressing by foot!


‘Wine Marriage’ lunch (including wine tutorial, tasting and blending exercises)

Guests enjoy a tasting plate lunch where the main includes 4 individual dishes. Each dish is ‘married’ to a premium Hunter Valley wine, which has been especially selected to complement the dishes. During the lunch our Cellarmaster will conduct a tutorial which follows on from the days activities and includes tasting, food matching and blending exercises. (for indicative menus see group menu attachment).


At completion of the day guests receive a personalised Hunter Valley Wine School Certificate.

For more information, or to make a booking, please call us on Phone (02) 4998 7222; Email: