Team Activity – Local indigenous culture

didgeridoo, indigenous painting / stories, local dance, bush tucker

When one travels to Europe , we are blown away at seeing a 1000 year old cathedral.

Well what about 70,000 years of history?? A history we should be celebrating… We offer many interpretive opportunities working with the local Wanaruah people.

Artwork is a great starting point. Indigenous art are the “words”. It is their language. Even a map on how to find one’s way through a region. Learn how to ‘read’ a painting. Try your hand at painting your own story…

Bush tucker. Now there’s a dinner with a difference. Dance and song tell the many stories which have been passed from one generation to the next.

Why not use this opportunity to let your delegates have their ‘eyes opened’ to our sophisticated Indigenous culture.

Ask us – we have lots of options

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